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News for Students

Call for Nominations: Martin Ritchie Award for Excellence in Advocacy

The Martin Ritchie Award for Excellence in Advocacy is awarded on an annual basis. CACREP is calling for nominations of individuals to be considered for the 2016 award. read more »

CACREP gears up for Advocacy Week

Want to make a difference? Join us as we gear up for CACREP Advocacy Week (February 22-26, 2016)! read more »

CACREP degree to be required for counselor licensure in North Carolina

The North Carolina State Legislature passed a bill changing the requirements to become a licensed professional counselor. read more »

New Council Aims to Boost Students’ College and Career Readiness

CACREP joins forces to form the Council of National School Counseling and College Access Organizations. read more »

CACREP accepting applications under the 2016 Standards

Accompanying documents have been posted along with the 2016 CACREP Standards and the Glossary to the 2016 CACREP Standards read more »