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Board Openings Beginning 2018


CACREP will be selecting three new Board members for five year terms beginning July 1, 2018.  A Counselor Educator, a Practitioner, and a Public Member position will be filled.  The application deadline is October 13, 2017.  For more details see:

CACREP Board Counselor Educator Member Position Opening 2018  Applicants for the Counselor Educator position must be employed full time and their primary work role is as a faculty member in a counselor education academic setting.

CACREP Board Practitioner Member Position Opening 2018   Applicants for the Practitioner position must have their primary employment be in a counseling setting outside of an academic  teaching position.

CACREP Board Public Member Position Opening 2018  Applicants for the public member position must not be a current or former member of the counseling profession.