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CACREP-CORE Press Release October 2016


For immediate release – October 26, 2016

CACREP and CORE Appoint a 4-Member Task Force to Explore the Infusion of Disability Concepts into CACREP Standards

As part of the merger agreement between the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the two organizations have appointed a special task force to explore and recommend how disability concepts will be infused into CACREP’s 8 common core curricular areas in its next revision. Because CACREP’s 8 core areas represent the foundational knowledge required of all entry-level counselor education graduates regardless of specialization, the merger has raised the profession’s awareness that knowledge of disability must be considered as foundational to the training of all future counselors.

The members of the jointly appointed Disability Standards Infusion Task Force include Dr. Sylvia Fernandez, a professor of counselor education and associate dean of clinical practice at Barry University, Dr. Jack Culbreth, a professor of counselor education at UNC Charlotte, Dr. Irmo Marini, a professor of rehabilitation counseling at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley, and Dr. Mark Stebnicki, a professor of rehabilitation counseling at East Carolina University. Each of the task force members holds multiple national credentials within the counseling profession and has served in leadership positions within the counseling profession’s major membership and/or credentialing organizations.

The task force charge includes creating a timeline for accomplishing the work of the task force by June 1, 2017, reviewing Section 2 – Counselor Professional Identity of the CACREP 2016 Standards, and developing recommendations with any necessary rationale statements for where and how the infusion of disability concepts into the counseling core curriculum can best be accomplished. The recommendations will then be forwarded to the CACREP Board to be vetted as part of CACREP’s next standards revision process. CACREP anticipates that its next standards review process will begin sometime in 2019 with the expectation that the 2023 CACREP Standards will be published by 2022. In addition, CACREP and CORE have agreed that recognition of CORE’s contribution to the infusion of disability concepts into the 2023 Standards should be honored in the publication.

For additional information about the upcoming merger, please visit the CACREP and CORE websites at www.cacrep.org or www.core-rehab.org.