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Institution Location WA
Program Name Central Washington University - Clinical Mental Health Counseling - M.S.
Program Degree M.S.
Program Contact Dr. Elizabeth Haviland
400 E. University Way MS 7575
Ellensburg WA US
Graduates of this program are considered CACREP graduates beginning 01-19-2006
Accreditation Start Date 07-19-2007
Accreditation Expiration 03-31-2018
Accreditation Status 2 Year
Status Information Additional information is required for the following standards: Clinical Mental Health Standards C.6, D.1, D.3, D.4, G.1, G.2, K.4, and K.5 The program was found to substantially meet the standards with some minor standard-related deficiencies for which the Board requires further information. The program is required to submit an Interim Report on the above listed standards for review by the CACREP Board prior to the accreditation expiration date.
Program History

The Mental Health Counseling program was initially accredited in July 2007 and has maintained its accreditation.  It became a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in January 2016.