Standards Revision Committee 2023

Standards Revision Commitee News

The Standards Revision Committee is maintaining our agenda and continuing our work. Given the current health crisis and programs’ and individuals’ focus on more immediate needs, the SRC will delay distribution of our first draft as initially scheduled. We hope to communicate with the professional counseling community regarding our work and to seek input when the counseling community is in a more stable state.

Our wishes to all programs and persons for safety and health during this unprecedented time.


The CACREP Board of Directors at its July 2019 meeting appointed the following six-member 2023 CACREP Standards Revisions Committee:

Dana Heller Levitt, Chair
Elizabeth Boland
Thomas Field
Justin Lauka
Brandy Richeson
Le’Ann Solmonson

Committee Charge

Charge #1: The SRC is directed to examine all aspects of the CACREP Standards.

Charge #2: Issues that the Board requests the SRC to examine are:
a) Professional identity of programs and faculty (e.g., faculty with specialties/degrees outside of counselor education).
b) Infuse disability concepts into the eight core curricular areas in Section 2
c) Evaluate and review standards comparing core vs. specialty area standards.
d) Review and revise standards with consideration of their applicability to all types of programs and delivery methods.
e) Evaluate and review doctoral counselor education and supervision standards, including consideration of specializations within doctoral programs.
f) Review and develop standards related to the site placement process, as well as relevancy and quality of field experiences.
g) Review and fine-tune Section 4.
h) Review and revise standards related to FTEs.

Charge #3: Feedback is sought on drafts from a broadly defined constituency that includes programs, faculty, students, practitioners, counseling consumers, state counseling boards, and higher education administrators.

CACREP recognizes that the standards revision process occurs over a number of years and only the SRC members have full access to the feedback from multiple constituencies; therefore, the Board will not introduce any significant changes to the work completed by the SRC at the final adoption meeting without due process.

2023 Standards Revision Initial Survey

The CACREP Standards Revision Committee (SRC) is exploring many angles as we begin to prepare the 2023 CACREP Standards. These are the standards that will carry the profession through the year 2031.
Now more than ever, we need the forward-thinking of our colleagues and stakeholders to guide our work.

In the survey that follows there are several questions that are intended to give us an initial glance into how to best prepare counselors and address the realities of counselor education programs.
We encourage you to coordinate your response to this initial survey with your own key stakeholders: students, site supervisors, fieldwork coordinators, administrators, and others who may be able to address some of the items and provide perspectives that will help to guide the SRC’s work.

This initial survey will be open for a brief window through February 21, 2020. We anticipate disseminating additional surveys as well as drafts for public review and comment throughout the standards revision process. We look forward to your participation. Thank you.

CACREP 2023 Standards Revision Committee

To access the survey click here.