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A Guide to Graduate Programs in Counseling

Written for undergraduate students and other prospective counselors, A Guide to Graduate Programs in Counseling is the first of its kind to create a comprehensive, reliable means of learning about the counseling profession, entry level preparation (i.e., master’s degrees in counseling specializations), and what to consider when searching for, applying to, and ultimately selecting a graduate program in counseling that is the “perfect fit.”

CACREP Connection

CACREP publishes an e-newsletter called CACREP Connectionwhich is designed to keep programs informed of the latest news regarding CACREP Accreditation, Initiatives, Policies and Standards.

CACREP Annual Reports

CACREP publishes an annual report summarizing CACREP initiatives and activities over the year as well as reporting data on accredited programs and students. To see current and previous annual reports click here.

CACREP Vital Statistics

Each accredited program is required to complete the CACREP Vital Statistics Survey each year. CACREP uses the information provided in the form to update the CACREP program databases and the Directory of Accredited Programs. Data on program, student, and faculty numbers, demographic information, and answers to questions on how the program addresses particular curricular considerations assists CACREP in tracking information used for program development and in providing services to prospective counseling students. To see current and previous Vital Statistics Survey results reports click here.