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Research Corner

Welcome to CACREP’s Research Corner! CACREP continuously strives to support research that examines the various impacts of accreditation and related issues through initiating student research, faculty research, and CACREP-commissioned research on current affairs within the counseling profession. Here you will find information about CACREP’s Research Agenda, professional literature that supports CACREP’s efforts, and research opportunities for students and faculty.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved in CACREP’s Research Initiatives please contact us at cacrep@cacrep.org.

  • Research Initiatives for Graduate Students

    The CACREP Research Initiative for Graduate Students (CRIGS) program offers current CACREP graduate students the opportunity to become a CRIGS Research Fellow for a one year term. Research Fellows will collaborate with one another, as well as with CACREP Staff, to engage in research endeavors that mirror and support CACREP’s vision, mission, and values. Research Fellows involved in the CRIGS program will have the unique opportunity to be involved in scholarly endeavors that align with the goals and objectives of the CACREP Research Agenda.

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  • Professional Literature

    Professional literature that highlights the impact and importance of CACREP on the counseling profession.

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  • Student and Faculty RFPs

    CACREP is soliciting research proposals from counselor educators and researchers that examine the impact and/or utility of CACREP accreditation. Research proposals should be developed in alignment with the CACREP Research Agenda (dated 2018) and attempt to address research related to one or more areas of interest explicitly identified on the current agenda.

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  • CACREP Research Agenda

    CACREP develops an annual Research Agenda to identify significant information and advocacy needs as well as emerging issues relevant to its mission. CACREP believes these issues have short- and long-term impact on the quality of its accreditation process. The Research Agenda is not an exhaustive listing of research topics, but rather highlights priority topics that are directly related to its mission and strategic initiatives.

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