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2015 CRIGS Research Fellows

United We Stand: Lessons Learned from Other Professions

2015 CRIGS Research Fellows

Sun Hee Jang Sun Hee Jang, M.A. The Pennsylvania State University
Lynn Bohecker Lynn Bohecker, Ph.D. Idaho State University

Overview of Research Study:

The purpose of our study was to learn how other professions have navigated developmental issues, such as solidifying and publically promoting a unified professional identity and creating an infrastructure that fosters licensure portability for practitioners. We conducted a qualitative study gathering the profession-related narratives of key people from non-counseling professions. Results suggest counseling specializations unite under one profession, endorse consistent educational standards, and develop model language to achieve licensure portability.

Related Scholarly Activities:

Eiseenstat, S.J., & Bohecker, L. (2018). United We Stand: Narrative Study to Aid the Counseling Profession in Developing a Coherent Identity. The Qualitative Report. 23(5).

Eiseenstat, S.J., & Bohecker, L. (2017, October). United we stand: lessons from other professions, presented at 2017 Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, Chicago, 2017.