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2016 CRIGS Research Fellows

Exploration of Professional Engagement Among Licensed Counselors

2016 CRIGS Research Fellows

Michael K. Schmit, Ph.D.
Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
 Genevieve Dash, B.A., QMHA, CADC Candidate.
Portland State University

Overview of Research Study:

Assessing professional engagement of licensed counselors, as characterized by membership in professional organizations, attending and presenting at professional conferences, engaging in research and conducting seminars and workshops, supervising or engaging in supervision and consultation, may serve as a sensible method of identifying the impact of accreditation on counselor training and preparation.  Behavioral aspects of professional engagement were assessed among licensed counselors using the Professional Identity Scale In Counseling.

Related Scholarly Activities:

Schmit, M. K., & Dash, G. (2016). Exploration of professional engagement among licensed counselors. Manuscript in preparation.