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2017 CRIGS Research Fellows

Program Specific Predictors of Students’ Success in Counselor Training Programs

2017 CRIGS Research Fellows

Mike Kalkbrenner, Ph.D., NCC New Mexico State University
Jessie T. Darkis, M.Ed. Syracuse University

Overview of Research Study:

This study was designed by the research fellows, to investigate variables that contribute to student outcomes, to identify program-specific factors that are related to students’ success in counselor training programs. The aims of the study are: (1) to develop a questionnaire intended for measuring student connectedness to their training program, and (2) to determine variables specific to Master’s-level counselor training programs that may relate to student outcomes. Data will be analyzed using quantitative analyses (exploratory factor analysis, hierarchical multiple regression, and multivariate analysis of variance). The study is currently in the data collection phase.


In Process