15 Programs Added to IRCEP Registry

CACREP Board Approves 15  Programs for Listing on the IRCEP Registry – More in Process!

History was made at the July 2010 CACREP  Board of Directors meeting when  board members voted to approve  the applications from 15 counseling programs for listing on the IRCEP Registry.   Since the first round of applicants was solely from institutions already offering CACREP accredited programs, the review process was simplified compared to what is required for non-CACREP schools.  The IRCEP Steering Committee is aware, however, of international programs that are in the process of preparing applications.  Personal communications with Dr. Carol Bobby in the CACREP/IRCEP office indicate that several international programs are hoping to complete the application process in the next 9-12 months.  Carol notes  that this information indicates that IRCEP is already having an impact on the development and improvement of counselor preparation programs around the world.

Carol also reports that, as of mid-September, an additional 12 CACREP programs have either submitted application fees and/or  forms for acceptance on the IRCEP Registry.  These programs will be formally reviewed and accepted at the January 2011 CACREP meeting.

IRCEP Steering Committee Chairperson, Dr. Rebecca Stanard, reports that the IRCEP committee members are working hard to raise awareness of IRCEP, which was officially launched with its new website in April.  Since April, IRCEP Committee Members have conducted informational presentations about IRCEP in  Australia, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Italy, the USA and on the web at the 2nd Virtual Conference on Counseling.  A preview of the web presentation can be viewed on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZk6jnXmQbY    In addition, newsletter articles about IRCEP have been submitted to associations such as the International Association of Counselling  (IAC).