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Information for Program Liaisons

CACREP Liaison Position Description and Responsibilities

The CACREP Liaison serves as the primary point of contact between CACREP and the institution’s accredited program(s). The CACREP Liaison is the person to whom CACREP will send important notifications and news updates.

CACREP Liaison Position Description and Responsibilities

CACREP Program Liaison Log-in Guide

The CACREP Liaison is responsible for maintaining current program information on the CACREP website. On a regular basis and when changes have occurred, the CACREP Liaison should log into the CACREP website to ensure that the program information (e.g., contact information, administrative information, and program descriptions) is current and accurate as listed, to update information as needed, and to ensure that you remain aware of the due dates for required reports.

Each CACREP-accredited program has an assigned username and password for the academic unit. The log-in details will allow the CACREP Liaison access to review and update program information. The CACREP Liaison can log-in either through the CACREP website (www.cacrep.org) or www.cacrep.org/wp-login.php.

Please refer to the CACREP Program Liaison Log-in Guide for detailed instructions on how to access and update program information on the CACREP website.

If you have recently taken over as the CACREP Liaison, your email address will not be linked to the institution and you will not be able to log-in. Please contact the CACREP office to have this information updated to enable log-in.