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Resources for Applying for CACREP Accreditation

CACREP Standards

As of July 1, 2016, all applications MUST address the 2016 Standards

2016 CACREP Standards and Glossary (PDF version)

2016 CACREP Standards (web view by section)

The following documents accompany the 2016 CACREP Standards:

2016 Application for Accreditation – This form should be completed electronically and included on each disk or USB drive. In addition the signature page should be completed and submitted in hard copy.

Implementation of 60 Semester Credit Hour Requirement – The CACREP Board of Directors has delayed the implementation of the 60 credite hour requirement until 2023.  See what will be required of programs moving toward that date.

CACREP Policy Document

Guiding Statements

The Board has adopted Guiding Statements on topics and issues related to CACREP Standards or policies. These Guiding Statements represent the position of CACREP and should be used as a reference for seeking and/or maintaining accreditation.

Guiding Statement on Best Practices for Bachelor to Master Bridge Programs

Guiding Principles for Program Evaluation and Student Assessment

Guiding Principles for the 2016 Faculty Standards

Guiding Statement on 2016 CACREP Standard 1.O

Guiding Statement on 2016 CACREP Standard 1.X

Guiding Statement on 2016 CACREP Standard 2.F.5.m

Guiding Statement on Certification and Licensure Only Programs

Guiding Statement on Best Practices for Transfer of Credit

Guiding Statement on Submitting a Substantive Change Report or an Application to Add a Specialty Area or Program During an Accreditation Cycle: A guide for making the decision

Other Resources

Consultation Considerations

Application Due Dates and Extensions of Accredited Status

A Reasoned Approach to FTE Faculty

Program-Evaluation-Related Reports in the 2016 Standards

Unofficial Guide – Sample Response Formats for CACREP Self-Study Document

Information for programs that have applied and/or are accredited under 2009 Standards


A recording of the Program Evaluation and Assessment in the CACREP 2016 Standards presentation that was given at each of the 2016 ACES Regional Conferences is now available. The video can be accessed through the Adobe Connect training platform (please click on the logo below to access the video).


A recording of slides presenting an overview of the 2016 CACREP Accreditation Standards in relation to the three themes identified by the revision committee during the standards revision process: simplify, clarify, and unify.

A recording of the CACREP Webinar on Registered Apprenticeship is now available.