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Information for Team Members

Preparing to go on a CACREP Visit

Whether this is your first or fourteenth CACREP site visit, you want to be prepared and arrive on site ready to go.  The first step is to read the self-study the program has sent you and the accompanying correspondance with the CACREP office.  A primary responsibility of the on-site team is the validation of the self-study and any other data submitted to CACREP for review. The validation process is carried out through interviews, visits to practicum and internship sites, classroom visits, review of documentation available in files, etc.

Although the initial reviewers have drawn attention to concerns they have about aspects of the program, you should review every standard and item to see if you have your own concerns to bring up.  The Team Chair will often ask members to make a list of questions and concerns to bring to the first team meeting.

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