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After the Visit

Writing the Report

The Team Report

The final activity of the visiting team is writing the on-site team’s report to the Board.  This report communicates to the Board an understanding of how the program(s) meet the spirit of the CACREP standards as well as how effectively they meet their own educational and administrative objectives.  Because the CACREP Board weighs the team’s recommendation for program accreditation very heavily in their decision making, the report should reflect a consensus of the observations and opinions of all team members  as well as create a clear image of the program so that they may render fair decisions.  In noting accreditation requirements, team members must make reference to specific CACREP standards.  In the report, the team must also make a final recommendation regarding accreditation of the program (2 years, 8 years, or denial).  Copies of this report, without the final accreditation recommendations, are forwarded by the CACREP office to the institution’s CEO, dean of the college, department chair and CACREP liaison prior to the Board’s final review.

Following the visit, team members are asked to complete a Fellow Team Member Evaluation for all members of the team.