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Conducting the Visit

In addition to discerning how the self-study narrative is actually put into practice, team members are asked to provide the CACREP Board of Directors with a thoughtful assessment of aspects of the program which cannot be evaluated fully from written documentation. Here, the team must recognize that programs may present variations in how they meet the standards, and that excellence in quality and integrity may compensate for some perceived differences. Remember that accreditation is not policy enforcement, but a process used for making responsible and professional judgments with reference to program effectiveness.

CACREP on-site team visitors are guests of the institution and ambassadors for CACREP. They should not view themselves as “Watergate reporters.” Their goal is to attest that the CACREP standards are met in spirit rather than attempting to document, in a literal sense, every nuance of the standards.  You may want to use sample interview questions that have been developed.

At the end of the visit, there will be an exit presentation in front of the faculty and other invited guests.  This is usually conducted by the Team Chair and does not include questions, but summarizes the team’s findings.

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