CACREP is celebrating its 40th Anniversary throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, and congratulate you for being part of its history.

We will mark events throughout the year right here:
• The first anniversary gift was to accredited Counseling programs in the form of reduced Annual Maintenance Fees for the 2021-2022 year. To commemorate this milestone and celebrate over 400 institutions with CACREP-accredited programs, CACREP is giving its accredited programs an anniversary gift – the Annual Maintenance Fees for 2021-2022 was set at $3385. This is an 11% decrease from the previous year.
• Thoughts from Chairs of the Board of Directors who served CACREP (see “Forty Years of CACREP Leadership” in the Video section below).
• A reception at the October ACES Conference in Atlanta recognizing CACREP accredited-programs and the large cadre of professional service volunteers with food and fun (see “ACES Presidential Reception and CACREP Trivia” in the video section below).

Salute to Our Visitors

CACREP salutes the individuals who have made our forty years possible – the site team
members! Their hard work and dedication to quality assurance in Counselor Education through the
years is the cornerstone of our success. click here to view the full list!




Forty years of CACREP Leadership

We salute our current and former Chairs and the contributions they each made to our success.

ACES Presidential Reception and CACREP Trivia

Think you know CACREP past and present?  Try your hand at some of the trivia questions that were part of the fun at the 2021 ACES National Conference.