FAQs for Programs Accepting Argosy Students

What is the difference between teach-out and transfer plans?

In a teach-out plan the institution and program has received approval from the institution’s regional accreditor to facilitate, under specified conditions, the completion of a program. The benefits of a teach-out plan include the potential acceptance of all credits earned at the closed institution and the counting of those credits towards a certificate or degree from the receiving institution.

In a transfer plan, each institution has to adhere to the specific policies in place at the institution regarding transfer students, which may include admissions criteria and limits on the number of transfer credits which can be accepted.

If we are accepting transfer students from an accredited program, does that mean we are now accredited?

No it does not.

If your counseling program is CACREP-accredited, please consult the guidelines issued by the CACREP Board of Directors for programs accepting students from the Argosy University counseling programs. If your institution does not have a CACREP-accredited counseling program or you do not have the specialty area or doctoral program that was accredited at Argosy University, and you absorb one of the Argosy programs in its entirety for a teach out, please note that the Argosy University program’s accreditation does not transfer to your institution. Accreditation belongs to a program and when the program closes the accreditation ends. CACREP has policies and procedures in place to facilitate the addition of a site or specialty area/program to an existing accreditation.

If our program is CACREP-accredited, can we now teach the program at an Argosy University campus location?

If your accredited program is moving to a different location than those that were approved previously, then a Substantive Change report requesting the addition of a new site and addressing CACREP’s Multiple Sites Policy (1.p) needs to be submitted. The new location will not be included in your program’s accreditation until the Board has reviewed and approved the addition of the site.

Can our program accept Argosy University students who were enrolled in a Psychology or Marriage and Family Therapy program?

If you are a CACREP-accredited program, you should apply the same admissions policies and procedures you would use to assess eligibility of a student coming from a non-Counseling discipline.

Our program is preparing to seek CACREP accreditation, can we accept Argosy University students?

If your program is preparing to seek accreditation, you need to attend to the timelines for the accreditation process. If you accept students that were enrolled in the CACREP-accredited counseling programs at Argosy University, it needs to be made clear to the students that your program is not CACREP-accredited. Should your program seek to obtain CACREP accreditation, CACREP’s policy is that students who graduate within 18 months prior to the date on which accreditation is conferred will be considered graduates of a CACREP-accredited program.

Will accepting transfer students take us out of compliance with one or more Standards?

The CACREP Board recognizes that there may be a strong possibility that full compliance with the CACREP standards may be compromised, as a result of accepting the transfer of Argosy University students. In an effort to provide support and a reprieve for the institutions/programs accepting transfer students from Argosy University, CACREP is offering a time-limited solution for resulting standards compliance issues. Please see Substantive Change Report: Programs Accepting Transfer Students from Argosy University. This option is available to programs until December 1, 2019.