CACREP 2024 Standards Draft 3

The CACREP Standards Revision Committee (SRC) is pleased to disseminate DRAFT 3 of the CACREP 2024 Standards. Draft 3 includes all sections: The Learning Environment, Academic Quality, Foundational Curriculum, Professional Practice, Specialized Practice Areas, Doctoral Standards, and the Glossary.

This draft reflects the SRC’s guiding principles of quality improvement and unified professional identity; consideration of feedback from Draft 2; the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) requirements for data and reporting such as minimum thresholds; data gathered through SRC presentations, job analyses, CACREP board feedback, and other data sources to support the changes made to the standards. We considered issues such as DEI, program delivery, technology, and the current and future states of both the Counseling profession and higher education. The standards reflect minimum expectations; programs are encouraged to think about their aspirational and specific goals using the mandatory standards as a starting point.

Deadline for submission of feedback is by midnight June 30, 2022.

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