New Advocacy Resource: Advocating for your Graduates in the Workforce

While many counselor educators find themselves advocating for their graduates by way of writing letters of recommendation, faculty members in the school counseling program at Butler University have taken it one step further.

Drs. Brandie Oliver and Nick Abel have recently published a column for school principals on what it means to hire a graduate of a CACREP-accredited school counseling program. Their column “Hints for hiring school counselors: What does it mean when an applicant graduates from a CACREP accredited program?” was recently published in the Indiana Association of School Principals’ (IASP) newsletter, Indianagram (see page 10).

Recognizing that sharing advocacy ideas and resources among graduate counseling programs is essential for the advancement of the profession, Drs. Oliver and Abel obtained permission from IASP and graciously provided CACREP with a Word version of their column so that others could download, edit, and use it as a template for advocacy endeavors in their own local or state communities. The focus of the column is on school counselors and sharing information with principals as they approach hiring season, likely to be most helpful to those in other school counseling programs looking to engage in similar outreach. However, faculty members from CACREP-accredited programs in other specialty areas may also find the template helpful in thinking about new ways to reach out to and educate potential employers about what it means to hire counselors who graduate from CACREP programs, as well as the benefits of doing so.

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