New Board Members Selected 2022

At the February meeting, the CACREP Board of Directors chose three new Board members. Elected to fill the practitioner position is Mr. Jay Tift of Brentwood, Tennessee, where he owns a group practice.

The two counselor educator positions have been filled by Drs. Kyla Kurian and Sonja Sutherland. Dr. Kurian is a faculty member at North Carolina Central University. Dr. Sutherland is a faculty member at Walden University, who lives in Marietta, Georgia.
We look forward to working with them when their term begins on July 1, 2022.

As always, when we elect new colleagues, we also say goodbye to those who are leaving the Board. Thank you to Dr. Suzanne Dugger, Dr. Jacqueline Smith, and Ms Latrina Raddler for their hard work and dedication for the past five years.

Kyla Kurian headshot
Kyla Kurian, Counselor Educator, North Carolina Central University

Sonja Sutherland headshot
Sonja Southerland, Counselor Educator, Walden University

Jay Tift headshot
Jay Tift, Public Member, Brentwood Counseling Associates