Online Definitions in Directory

CACREP is making changes in the directory listing for some programs. Traditionally, CACREP defined an online program as one in which over 50% of the coursework could be taken in an online format. With more students looking for remote learning options, we have changed our online program characteristics to include only those degree programs that are offered 100% online or online with an intensive residency requirement. These changes to program characteristics have been made in our website Directory of Accredited Programs. Additionally, locations listed on the Program Information page are being reviewed to determine if “online” is a suitable location listing for a degree program. If not, it will be removed from the list of locations where the program is offered on April 30.

Please note that these determinations in the website directory are based only on the last accreditation decision. For any degree programs that have moved to being 100% online since 2020, that information will be captured in the reporting to come, and the directory will be updated accordingly at that time.