CACREP Establishes Closure/Teach-Out Procedures

For institutions that will be closing a part of their CACREP-accredited offerings, CACREP has established a new procedure for notification and reporting. This will cover all closures from a campus site to an institutional closure.

The first step is submission of a Program Closure Substantive Change Notification, which alerts the CACREP office and provides basic information. Once this form has been received and reviewed, CACREP staff will contact the CACREP Program Liaison to discuss specific reporting, based on the procedures in the Teach Out Plan Document. Once a Teach Out Plan has been created and submitted, it will be reviewed by the Board. The Board can take one of the following actions:

  1. Approve the Teach-Out Plan as presented and identify accreditation end date.
  2. Ask for additional information (addendum or follow-up), including making suggestions about how questioned issues should be addressed.
  3. Deny plan as presented, and end the accreditation sooner based on when the program would appear to be out of compliance with standards.