Updates to Digital Delivery Reports

CACREP mandates that all accredited programs complete a CACREP Board-prescribed Digital Delivery report. Templates were posted in Spring 2022, and the first round of reviews of Digital Delivery Reports have been completed. Based on these first reviews, the digital delivery documents have been updated for future reports. The updated documents are located on the CACREP website. The Digital Delivery Substantive Change Report template, Digital Delivery Glossary and Crosswalk have been revised. The Digital Delivery Update template, for programs that were accredited for digital delivery prior to the pandemic, remains unchanged.

The revised template for reporting the Digital Delivery Substantive Change report has a new section, 3 Report Requirement Screening, to allow programs to determine the correct report to be completed and the extent to which the report must be completed by the program. All programs not previously accredited for digital delivery prior to the pandemic must complete sections 1-3 of this report. The answer to the last question in section 3 provides direction on next reporting step. Completed Substantive Change Reports will be reviewed, and developmental feedback will be provided to programs. The feedback should be considered when writing the next self-study.

The 2024 CACREP Standards are written to include all program delivery formats and there will be an expectation that in Self-Study Reports programs will report on each delivery format it uses and demonstrate the consistency of the program across delivery formats and compliance with the standards.