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Institution Location WA
Program Name Central Washington University - Clinical Mental Health Counseling - M.S.
Program URL http://www.cwu.edu/psychology/counseling-program-home
Program Outcomes Report http://www.cwu.edu/psychology/counseling-program-outcomes
Program Description The M.S. degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling prepares those who want to work with clients in a variety of settings on emotional, personal, social, educational and vocational challenges. Ours is a small program with intense clinical training and supervision. It gives students a comprehensive understanding of professional and ethical practices, social and cultural diversity, social justice and advocacy, human growth and development, career development, assessment and research and program evaluation. Our program requires 90 quarter hours and usually takes just over two years to complete. The program includes three practica under close faculty supervision in the department’s training clinic and a full-time four-month internship experience, during which students have the opportunity both to work with clients in community settings and to collaborate and consult with other mental health professionals. Graduates of this program are employed in mental health agencies, family counseling centers, private practices, corporate human resource positions, correctional settings, and many others that require expertise in human development and counseling skills. The program is accredited as a clinical mental health counseling program by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and meets the educational requirements for professional licensure as a counselor in Washington State and many other states.
Program Degree M.S.
Program Contact Dr. Elizabeth Haviland
400 E. University Way MS 7575
Ellensburg WA US
Graduates of this program are considered CACREP graduates beginning 01-19-2006
Accreditation Start Date 07-19-2007
Accreditation Expiration 10-31-2023
Accreditation Status 8 Year
Status Information The program was found to meet all standards in a satisfactory manner.
Program History

The Mental Health Counseling program was initially accredited in July 2007 and has maintained its accreditation.  It became a Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in January 2016.