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Institution Location OH
Program Name Bowling Green State University - Community Counseling - M.A.
Program Outcomes Report http://www.bgsu.edu/education-and-human-development/school-of-intervention-services/mental-health-school-counseling.html
Program Description The Mental Health and School Counseling Program at Bowling Green State University is committed to the mission of providing state-of-the-art training in order to prepare highly qualified, ethical, and culturally competent professional counselors who advocate for social justice. The program values an inclusive and diverse learning environment. To this end, the graduate program offers opportunities that integrate learning discovery, scholarship and engagement that challenge traditional and non-traditional students to reach their academic and professional potential. The Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling curriculum is designed to meet the needs of graduate students wishing to pursue counseling careers in public and private mental health agencies, the criminal justice system, substance abuse programs, religious settings or colleges. Candidates are prepared to sit for the state licensure examination that qualifies individuals to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  Please note that this program is accredited as a Community Counseling program.
Program Degree M.A.
Program Contact Dr. Robin DuFresne
451 Education Building Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green OH
Graduates of this program are considered CACREP graduates beginning 07-13-2009
Accreditation Start Date 01-13-2011
Accreditation Expiration 03-31-2019
Accreditation Status 8 Year
Status Information The program was found to meet all standards in a satisfactory manner.