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Use of New Standards Announcement

The policy regarding the use of new standards has been revised as follows:  Use of New Standards. When CACREP implements new or revised standards, programs submitting applications for accreditation or reaffirmation of accreditation on or after the effective date of the new standards must demonstrate compliance with the new standards.  All programs currently accredited must...

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CACREP Seeking Board Members

CACREP is looking for three new members of the Board of Directors for terms beginning July 1, 2024.  This year the opportunities include 2 Counselor Educators and Public Member. Please see the announcement and application forms below.  The deadline to apply is November 3, 2023. Counselor Education Announcement and Application 2024 Public Member Announcement and...

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Submission Deadline for the July Board of Directors Meeting

The next meeting of the CACREP Board of Directors is scheduled to be held July 6-8, 2023. The submission deadline for reports to be included on the agenda for this meeting is 5:00 PM ET June 5, 2023. All reports must be submitted through CACREP’s report submissions portal.

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