For Team Members

Preparing to Go on a CACREP Visit

Whether this is your first or fourteenth CACREP site visit, you want to be prepared and arrive on site ready to go. The first step is to read the self-study the program has sent you and the accompanying correspondence with the CACREP office. A primary responsibility of the on-site team is the validation of the self-study and any other data submitted to CACREP for review. The validation process is carried out through interviews, visits to practicum and internship sites, classroom visits, review of documentation available in files, etc.

Although the initial reviewers have drawn attention to concerns they have about aspects of the program, you should review every standard and item to see if you have your own concerns to bring up. The Team Chair will often ask members to make a list of questions and concerns to bring to the first team meeting

Conducting The Visit

In addition to discerning how the self-study narrative is actually put into practice, team members are asked to provide the CACREP Board of Directors with a thoughtful assessment of aspects of the program which cannot be evaluated fully from written documentation. Here, the team must recognize that programs may present variations in how they meet the standards and that excellence in quality and integrity may compensate for some perceived differences. Remember that accreditation is not policy enforcement, but a process used for making responsible and professional judgments with reference to program effectiveness.

CACREP on-site team visitors are guests of the institution and ambassadors for CACREP. They should not view themselves as “Watergate reporters.” Their goal is to attest that the CACREP standards are met in spirit rather than attempting to document, in a literal sense, every nuance of the standards. You may want to use sample interview questions that have been developed.

At the end of the visit, there will be an exit presentation in front of the faculty and other invited guests. This is usually conducted by the Team Chair and does not include questions, but summarizes the team’s findings.

The Team Report

The final activity of the visiting team is writing the site review team’s report to the Board.  This report communicates to the Board an understanding of how the program(s) meet the spirit of the CACREP standards as well as how effectively they meet their own educational and administrative objectives.  Because the CACREP Board weighs the team’s review heavily in their decision-making, the report should reflect a consensus of the observations and opinions of ALL team members as well as create a clear image of the program so that they may render fair decisions.  In noting accreditation requirements, team members must make reference to specific CACREP standards.  Copies of this report are forwarded by the CACREP office to the institution’s CEO, dean of the college, department chair, and CACREP liaison prior to the Board’s final review.

Following the visit, team members are asked to complete a Fellow Team Member Evaluation for all members of the team.

Resources for Team Members


Team Chair Handbook

Team Member Handbook


Thank You To Our Site Visitors

CACREP would like to express its gratitude to the following individuals who graciously served as site visitors during the Spring term of 2023.

Team Chairs:

Dr. Anita Neuer Colburn Northwestern U
Dr. Brenda Freeman U of Nevada-Reno
Dr. Carolyn Rollins Albany State U
Dr. Dave Schroeder Texas Tech U
Dr. David Farrugia Canisius College
Dr. Deborah Drew Husson U
Dr. Janet Hicks Belmont U
Dr. Kelly Coker Palo Alto U
Dr. Kristin Lister Walden U
Dr. Leann Solmonson Gallaudet U
Dr. Linda Foster Walden U
Dr. LoriAnn Stretch U of the Cumberlands
Dr. Marty Jencius Kent State U
Dr. Neil Duchac Kennesaw State U
Dr. Oliver McMahan Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Dr. Patrick Powell Nova Southeastern
Dr. Shannon Karl Nova Southeastern U
Dr. Sherry Rosenblad Texas Tech U
Dr. Suzanne Maniss U of Texas Rio Grand Valley
Dr. Todd Frye MidAmerica Nazarene U
Dr. Tsui-Yee Chow Adler U
Dr. Tyra Turner Whitaker Liberty U
Dr. Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich U of Akron
Dr. Walter Frazier Walden U

Team Members:

Dr. Adrienne Erby Kent State U
Dr. Allen Appai Boateng East Texas Baptist U
Dr. Amie Manis Adler U
Dr. Ashley Luedke St. Bonaventure U
Dr. Ashley Mitich North Park U
Dr. Brandi Chamberlin U of the Cumberlands
Dr. Bryan Dallas Northern Illinois U
Dr. Cheryl Fisher Alliant International U
Dr. Christopher Todd Henderson State U
Dr. Claire Dempsey U of Tennessee at Martin
Dr. David Brown Liberty U
Dr. David Moran Lindsey Wilson U
Dr. Devona Stalnaker-Shofner Antioch U
Dr. Diana Charnley U of Seattle
Dr. E. Christine Moll Kean U
Dr. Eugenie Looby Mississippi State U
Dr. George Beals Walden U
Dr. George Vera Barry U
Dr. Gloria Dansby-Giles Jackson State U
Dr. Hannah Coyt Western Kentucky U
Dr. Heather Robertson St. Johns U
Dr. Hector Rios St. Joseph U
Dr. Jade LeTourneau Walden U
Dr. Jason Jordan Missouri Baptist U
Dr. Jason King Rocky Mountain U of Health Professions
Dr. Jennifer Cook The U of Texas at San Antonio
Dr. Jeremy Goshorn Lebanon Valley College
Dr. Joseph Campbell Henderson State U
Dr. Karlesia Montague North Carolina Central U
Dr. Kathleen Rice Sam Houston State U
Dr. Kimberley Grigg Grand Canyon U
Dr. Kimberley Schellin-Rog Judson U
Dr. Krisy Elrod Oregon State U
Dr. Krystal Humphreys Midwestern State U
Dr. Laklieshia Izzard Grand Canyon U
Dr. Lynn Hall Divine Mercy U
Dr. Mark Gillen U of Wisconsin- River Falls
Dr. Melanie Wallace Jackson State U
Dr. Michelle Rivas Nova Southeastern U
Dr. MIchelle Schein U of Pittsburgh
Dr. Michelle Shuler Austin Community College
Dr. Ngonidzashe Mpofu Idaho State U
Dr. Nicole Kyser Gwynedd Mercy U
Dr. Nicole Randick Adler Graduate School
Dr. Patrick Mullen William & Mary U
Dr. Philicia Jefferson Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Dr. Rebecca Meidinger Adams State U
Dr. Regina Moro St. Bonaventure U
Dr. Sam Steen George Mason U
Dr. Sarah Irvin Stephens College
Dr. Shalini Mathew Northern State U
Dr. Shannon Shoemaker Hood College
Dr. Shreya Vaishnav Palo Alto U
Dr. Stephen Gitonga Lock Haven U of Pennsylvania
Dr. Szu-Yu Chen Palo Alto U
Dr. Tara Jungerson Nova Southeastern U
Dr. Vasti Holstun Liberty U
Dr. Yuleinys Castillo California State U- Fresno


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After the visit be sure to submit your reimbursement forms and receipts to the CACREP office.

Travel Reimbursement Policy

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Reimbursement Form- In-Person Visit

Reimbursement Form- Virtual Site Visit

Travel Reimbursement Rates

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Becoming a CACREP Team Member

The first step to becoming a CACREP team member is to submit a complete application packet to the CACREP office. The qualifications and application procedures are available for review in the Team Member Application Form. After completing all the necessary paperwork please submit to [email protected].  While CACREP will accept application submissions on a rolling basis, application reviews occur at the time of the next scheduled training session. Training sessions for new team members are scheduled on an as needed basis. You will be notified on the outcome of the application review around the time of the next scheduled training session.


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