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Submitting a Report to CACREP

Please ensure that all files are zipped in a single folder prior to attempting upload.
Report Types include Digital Delivery Substantive Change and Update reports, Self-Study, Addendum, Addendum II, Institutional Response, Interim, Midcycle, Substantive Change Reports, Special Interims, and Extension Requests.  If you are submitting a Self-Study please be sure to review our self-study submission requirement document before uploading.

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Digitally Delivered Programs

The pandemic forced programs to rapidly pivot to delivering their programs by distance and integrating digital technology. With a new understanding of and appreciation for digital delivery, programs are seeking to make permanent changes that were made in the interim during the pandemic. In order for programs to remain in good standing and maintain their accreditation, CACREP is providing guidance to program regarding reporting requirements for digital delivery of programs.

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Resources for Applying for CACREP Accreditation

As of July 1, 2016, all applications MUST address the 2016 Standards:
2016 CACREP Standards and Glossary (PDF version)
2016 CACREP Standards and Glossary (HTML version)

The following documents accompany the 2016 CACREP Standards:
CACREP Policy Document(PDF version)
CACREP Policy Document(HTML version)

2016 Application for Accreditation – This form can be completed and submitted electronically. Visit our Reports Submission page to read more about submissions and to complete a submission.

Implementation of 60 Semester Credit Hour Requirement – The CACREP Board of Directors has delayed the implementation of the 60 credit hour requirement until 2023.  See what will be required of programs moving toward that date.

Other Resources

Submitting Self-Studies via the Report Submission Page
NCRE and CACREP Letter to Deans Regarding CACREP 2016 Standards Faculty Requirements
Consultation Considerations
Application Due Dates and Extensions of Accredited Status
A Reasoned Approach to FTE Faculty
Program Evaluation Related Reports in the 2016 Standards

2024 CACREP Standards

**NEW** Click here for the 2024 Standards Resource Page.

The CACREP Board adopted the 2024 CACREP Standards at its February 2023 meeting. This new set of standards will go into effect July 1, 2024 and on that date self-studies will be accepted. All self-study reports (SSRs) submitted on or after this date must be based on the 2024 CACREP Standards.

2024 CACREP Standards and Glossary (PDF version)
2024 CACREP Standards and Glossary (HTML version)

Click here to view the new policy on Use of New Standards. Click here to read more about the application of the new policy to the 2024 CACREP Standards.

Categories of Decisions for Accreditation Review and Mandatory Reports

What are the categories of accreditation and reaffirmation of accredited status decisions?
What are the categories of monitoring decisions?
What are the categories of Interim Report decisions?
What are the categories of Substantive Change Report decisions?

Teach Out Plans

For institutions that will be closing a part of their CACREP-accredited offerings, CACREP has established a new procedure for notification and reporting. This will cover all closures from a campus site to an institutional closure.

The first step is submission of a Program Closure Substantive Change Notification, which alerts the CACREP office and provides basic information. Once this form has been received and reviewed, CACREP staff will contact the CACREP Program Liaison to discuss specific reporting, based on the procedures in the Teach Out Plan Document. Once a Teach Out Plan has been created and submitted, it will be reviewed by the Board. The Board can take one of the following actions:

  1. Approve the Teach-Out Plan as presented and identify accreditation end date.
  2. Ask for additional information (addendum or follow-up), including making suggestions about how questioned issues should be addressed.
  3. Deny plan as presented, and end the accreditation sooner based on when the program would appear to be out of compliance with standards.

CACREP Accreditation Fees


(Due at the Time of Self-Study Submission)

NOTE: If you are submitting an Application for Accreditation you will not automatically be invoiced for Application Fees. You can pay by check, ACH, or credit card, but you will need to initiate the payment at the time you submit the report. If you need an invoice, please contact our office at [email protected] and we will provide one.

SITE VISIT FEE – $6,000 for a three-person visit, additional charges for additional visitors 

(Invoiced when Visit is Approved)




(Covers July 1 Through June 30)

FY 2025 (INVOICED APRIL 15, 2024 AND DUE SEPTEMBER 15, 2024) – $4,030

NOTE: Newly accredited programs will receive a prorated invoice following receipt of their accreditation decision.


Appeal Fee $1,500.00

Appeal Panel Hearing deposit – $5,000.00 (if hearing requested)

For Programs Accredited Under the 2009 Standards

The 2009 Standards

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Board Interpretations of Specific 2009 Standards

Sometimes the Board adopts an official interpretation of a Standard in order to clarify the intent of the Standard.  Listed below are Standards that have an official interpretation.

2009 Standards Doctoral Students as Teachers Standard I.M

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2009 Standards Credentials of Affiliate Faculty Standard I.Y 

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2009 Standards Site Supervisor Training in Supervision Standard III.C

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2009 Standards Guiding Statements

The Board has adopted Guiding Statements on topics and issues related to CACREP Standards or policies. These Guiding Statements represent the position of CACREP and should be used as a reference for seeking and/or maintaining accreditation.

2009 Standards Guiding Statement on Standard I.P

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2009 Standards Guiding Statement on Student Learning Outcomes

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2009 Standards Guiding Statement of Certification or Licensure Only Programs

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2009 Standards Guiding Statement on Standard I.W.5.a-c

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Board Responses to Issues in Counselor Education

CACREP Board Open Letter on the Counseling Compact

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CACREP Board Response to JCD Article on Faith-Based Progams

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National Counselor Licensure Endorsement Process for Portability

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Information for Program Liaisons

CACREP Liaison Position Description and Responsibilities

The CACREP Liaison serves as the primary point of contact between CACREP and the institution’s accredited program(s). The CACREP Liaison is the person to whom CACREP will send important notifications and news updates.

CACREP Liaison Position Description and Responsibilities

CACREP Program Liaison Log-in Guide

The CACREP Liaison is responsible for maintaining current program information on the CACREP website. On a regular basis and when changes have occurred, the CACREP Liaison should log into the CACREP website to ensure that the program information (e.g., contact information, administrative information, and program descriptions) is current and accurate as listed, to update information as needed, and to ensure that you remain aware of the due dates for required reports.

Each CACREP-accredited program has an assigned username and password for the academic unit. The log-in details will allow the CACREP Liaison access to review and update program information. The CACREP Liaison can log-in either through the CACREP website ( or

Please refer to the CACREP Program Liaison Log-in Guide for detailed instructions on how to access and update program information on the CACREP website.

If you have recently taken over as the CACREP Liaison, your email address will not be linked to the institution and you will not be able to log-in. Please contact the CACREP office to have this information updated to enable log-in.

CACREP Survey Tool

In keeping with our goals to streamline our processes and secure the best tools, CACREP has utilizes Qualtrics to conduct surveys and gather the required data from all accredited programs. If you are a program contact, in particular a CACREP liaison, we want to ensure that you do not miss receiving surveys.  With that in mind, we are asking you to ensure that [email protected] is whitelisted by yourself or if necessary your institution’s IT department.   This will ensure that it does not get blocked or end up in your spam/junk email box.  If you have questions or issues you can reach out to us at [email protected].

International Program Approval

The International Registry of Counsellor Education Programs (IRCEP) is a non-accreditation approval process for global counselor education programs.  The program is run by CACREP and programs who are granted approval appear on the IRCEP Registry which is part of IRCEP's website.