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Report Submission Deadlines for the January Board of Directors Meeting

The next meeting of the CACREP Board of Directors is scheduled for January 11-13, 2024. Programs that have received previous decision letters that indicate a report due between now and the upcoming meeting should submit that report by or before its specified due date. Programs submitting unscheduled Substantive Change Reports or extension requests must submit...

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Public Notice of Accreditation Decisions: July 2023

The Board met on July 6-8 , 2023 and made the following July 2023 Accreditation Decisions.

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Interested in entering the 2023-2024 CACREP and CSI co-sponsored Leadership Essay Contest?

For this year’s Leadership Essay Contest, participants are invited to respond to the following prompt: As you consider CSI and CACREP’s commitment to empowering diverse individuals and groups, what is the role of our Professional Counselor Identity in protecting and promoting the integrity of our inclusive counseling profession? For more information on this year’s Leadership Essay...

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CACREP Table Talk at the ACES National Conference in Denver
Thursday, October 12, 2023
3:00pm — 4:00pm

This interactive session is an opportunity for CACREP to provide an update on accreditation matters and for counselor educators to interact with CACREP representatives to ask questions and share information about what is occurring in their program, institution, and/or state that is influencing counselor preparation and counseling practice.

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CACREP 2024 Standards at the ACES National Conference in Denver
Thursday, October 12, 2023
5:00pm — 6:00pm

The focused changes in the CACREP 2024 Standards will be highlighted. The overarching themes and the specifics of the language and expectations in the new standards will be addressed. This is an interactive session addressing questions from programs about the standards, review process, and accreditation decisions.

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NBCC-CACREP Reception at the ACES National Conference in Denver
Thursday, October 12, 2023
7:00pm — 9:00pm

Come enjoy social time networking with colleagues from all across the country while enjoying food and beverage.

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