Directory FAQs

Directory FAQs

How do I print the whole directory?

There are two easy steps to print the entire Directory.  First, slect VIEW ALL on the right side of the screen where the search criteria are.  Second, when the entire directory is displayed, click on the print icon on the right side above the results.

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How do I find online programs?

In the search criteria, there is a box next to “Show all online programs.”  This will give you a listing of all online programs in every program area (e.g., School Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling.)  Please note that it overrides more specific search criteria.

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What does CC, SC, etc mean?

These are abbreviations for the titles of programs CACREP accredits.

AC – addiction counseling

CC – community Counseling

ClC – college counseling

CMHC – clinical mental health counseling

CrC – career Counseling


GC – gerontological counseling

MFC – marriage and family counseling

MHC – mental health counseling

SA – student affairs

SC – school counseling


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What do the dates start and expiration in the listing mean?

The first date listed is when the program was initially accredited.  If it is more than eight years ago, it means the program is on at least its second accreditation with CACREP.  When a program applies for accreditation, the entire cycle is eight years before it has to apply again.


The second date is when the current accreditation cycle expires.  This date could reflect when the institution will have another self-study reviewed or it could mean that the program has in Interim Report due, to address some conditions attached to the accreditation.

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What about programs outside the US?

CACREP currently accredits a program in Canada and one in Mexico.  You can take a look at the International Registry of Counsellor Education Programs (IRCEP) which has an approval process for international programs.

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