Argosy Student FAQs

I am an Argosy University student. Where should I begin?

If you are planning on continuing your education there are multiple institutions with CACREP-accredited and non-CACREP accredited counseling programs accepting transfer students.

For financial aid information and what to do after a school closure, go to

What programs are accepting transfer students?

There are many institutions accepting transfer students from Argosy University both at the Master’s and Doctoral levels.

A list of CACREP-accredited programs that have indicated to CACREP that they are accepting transfer students can be found on the the Argosy Student Resources page

If you have questions about the accreditation status of a program that you are considering for transfer, please consult CACREP’s online directory of accredited programs

Why is the program I am interested in transferring to not on your list?

The list on the CACREP website includes the CACREP-accredited programs that have indicated to CACREP that they are accepting transfer students. It’s possible that other CACREP-accredited programs will accept transfers. Contacting the program directly will be the best way to obtain accurate information.

Should I transfer to another CACREP-accredited program?

If you are transferring from an Argosy University counseling program that held CACREP accreditation to another CACREP-accredited program helps ensure continuity of the curricular and clinical training requirements included in the CACREP Standards. Graduation from a CACREP-accredited program has implications for licensure and potentially for portability of a license in the future.

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations for the licensure or certification of counselors in that state. While attending a CACREP-accredited program will not guarantee eligibility for licensure or certification as a counselor in all states, it helps maximize the chances that you will have met the majority of the educational requirements for licensure. You should contact your state licensing board with any questions you may have regarding licensure eligibility.

What are the transfer requirements?

Each institution has its own policies for accepting transfer students, some of which are based on requirements established by the institution’s regional or national accreditor and state regulatory agency. Under these extenuating circumstances, a program may make unique accommodations for transfer students, as allowed by their respective regulatory agency. Contact the programs directly if you are interested in finding out what they have to offer. Many of these institutions have created a website page specific to addressing the transfer of Argosy University students.

How many of my credits will transfer?

This is determined by each program. Contact the programs directly to find out how many credits each will accept.

What will happen to my program’s CACREP accreditation status?

Accreditation belongs to a program and when the program closes, the accreditation ends. The Argosy University programs will continue to be listed on the CACREP Directory as previously accredited. This means that all students who graduated during the period of accreditation at each campus will continue to be recognized as graduates of a CACREP-accredited program.