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Hello friends of CACREP!

I am honored to welcome you to our “relaunch” of the CACREP newsletter! It is our hope to provide you with updates on CACREP activities while staying in more regular contact with our constituents via this communique.

I am writing this note from the Convention Center at the American Counseling Association Conference in New Orleans. Seeing the diverse crowd of counselors, counselor educators, students, and vendors is both an exciting testimony of how far our profession has come over the past few decades and a sober reminder of how important it is for all of us to continue working together towards developing, advancing, and promoting the counseling profession. CACREP’s mission specifically addresses this thrust in its commitment to promoting counselor competence through continuous development of counseling training standards, program development, and relevant accreditation of counseling and related programs. It is my hope that CACREP’s mission will be well represented in this newsletter (and those to follow) and be a resource to counselors, educators, and students as we continue to establish a strong, unified, and sustainable profession. So, enjoy!


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Chris Hull, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS

CACREP Board of Directors, Chair

Spring 2019

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Chair’s Report

Upcoming Events

New Policy for Multiple Delivery Methods

CACREP Helps Argosy Students

New Board Members

CSI Update


The CACREP Board met in Savannah January 17-19, 2019 to make accreditation decisions.


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Upcoming Events

  • CACREP Board Meeting
    Thursday, July 11 – Saturday, July 13, Alexandria, VA
  • ACES National Conference
    October 8-14, Seattle, WA (Stay tuned for CACREP session information)
  • NCRE Fall ConferenceOctober 31 – November 2, Arlington, VA (Stay tuned for CACREP session information)


New Policy for Multiple Delivery Methods

CACREP has developed a new policy for programs adding a new delivery method or offering an existing program through more than one delivery method. Similar to the Multiple Sites Policy, this new policy will help programs determine whether the alternative delivery constitutes a separate program or the same program. Read the policy here.

Argosy University Closure

The abrupt closure of Argosy University this month left over 700 counseling students without a program. CACREP has been working with accredited programs throughout the country to help place the master’s and doctoral students displaced. We have developed a specific Substantive Change Report format for programs absorbing students, and have encouraged programs to seek regulatory approval to allow for increased number of transfer credits. The situation continues to unfold, but it has been impressive to see how the counselor education community has stepped up to support the students and future leaders, and the faculty affected.
For more information click here.

CACREP Board Members Selected for 2019

photo of Earl Grey photo of Cheri Meder photo of Jane Nicholls

Three new Counselor Educators were selected for the CACREP Board for five-year terms beginning July 1, 2019. Earl Grey from Southern New Hampshire University, Cheri Meder from Adams State University, and Jane Nichols from Southern Illinois University.

Stay tuned for an announcement in May for the next Board Application cycle, which will be two Counselor Educator Positions beginning July 1, 2020.

Winners of CSI/CACREP Essay Contest

photo of Angelica McDaniel photo of Michelle Pinellas

Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International (CSI) and CACREP have a strong history of mutual support and cooperation.

As an outgrowth of the strong relationship between CSI and CACREP, the two organizations have co-sponsored the CSI and CACREP Leadership Essay Contest for the past four years. The purpose of the Leadership Essay Contest is to enhance the counseling profession through recognizing excellence in our field.

This year’s winners are Angelica McDaniel and Michelle Pinellas. Congratulations to them both! If you are interested in reading their winning essays you can see them here.