Colorado State University

Graduates of the Career Counseling Specialization are uniquely educated
and trained to go beyond traditional career interventions of career
education and career guidance, and engage in career counseling. In
partnering with individuals to live a life of meaning and mattering as
defined by the individual, career counselors are able to utilize their
counseling knowledge and skills to engage in reflexive dialogues to
address individuals’ unique cultures, contexts, needs, desires, values,
concerns, and barriers that may arise during any of the three previously
mentioned career interventions.

Institution Location

1588 Campus Delivery
227 Education Building
Fort Collins CO, US
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Career Counseling

Program Degree


Program Contact

Dr. Jacqueline Peila-Shuster
[email protected]
  • Graduates of this program are considered CACREP graduates beginning October 1, 1995
  • Accreditation Start Date: April 1, 1997
  • Accreditation Expiration: March 31, 2028
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited

Status Information

The program was found to meet all standards in a satisfactory manner.