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Institution Location NY
Program Name Syracuse University - School Counseling - M.S.
Program Outcomes Report http://soe.syr.edu/academic/counseling_and_human_services/default.aspx
Program Description The 48 credit-hour school counseling program prepares students for certification in New York as a school counselor. Because of its adherence to national standards, it also meets requirements of most other States. SU is located in a moderately sized city; therefore, urban practicum and internship placements are available, as well as suburban and rural sites. The faculty is involved in research that includes a variety of school counseling initiatives. Social justice for urban youth and for gay and lesbian youth is a focus of recent research by the faculty. Students in the school counseling program are enhanced by the mentoring of faculty as well as doctoral students preparing to become senior clinicians or counselor educators. The Department hosts an active chapter of Chi Sigma Iota that offers students additional professional development opportunities as well as social and networking opportunities. Because of its renown as an international university, Syracuse draws both domestic and international students, thus adding  another  level of student diversity.
Program Degree M.S.
Program Contact Dr. Janine Bernard
440 Simms Hall 130 College Place
Syracuse NY
Graduates of this program are considered CACREP graduates beginning 10-01-1992
Accreditation Start Date 04-01-1994
Accreditation Expiration 10-31-2024
Accreditation Status 8 Year
Status Information The program was found to meet all standards in a satisfactory manner.