Winter 2020 Articles

On the Road

Last year I had the opportunity to join one of our teams to see firsthand the intersection of the accreditation work done in the CACREP office and the work of the site visit teams on-site, especially in relation to planning the visit. A special thanks to Drs. Kelly Coker, Hector Rios, and Julie Chibarro who allowed me to sit in as an observer and who graciously shared their extensive experience. As an observer, I was looking for areas where the CACREP staff, can clarify the processes and provide additional support and resources for the site teams and our institutions. My greatest take away from my time on campus was a deep sense of admiration for the work of visitors. There can be many competing interests that need to be carefully balanced by the team in carrying out their review. I found that just as important as ensuring that all standards are met by the program is supporting the good work of our programs by being outside champions for the counseling programs on a campus. The team can provide an outsider view of the needs and quality of a program and highlight the good work of the faculty to administrators. I am ever thankful to all of our site visitors for the advocacy you do for the counseling field every time you go out to review a program.

Warmest Regards,

Jonathan Collum

Do You Know Someone Who Would Make a Great Team Member?

We are working to identify potential future team chairs and members. If you are a team member, have participated in at least 3 visits, and are interested in becoming a site team chair, please let me know at [email protected] or 703-535-5990. All new team chairs go through training and are sent out with a mentor chair.

If you have any colleagues that would be interested in becoming a site visitor, please direct them to the CACREP website. We have an open application process and the form and instructions can be found on the Team Members page of the website under “Becoming a CACREP Team Member.”

CACREP Reminders

  • CACREP moved on January 22nd! Our new address is 500 Montgomery St., Ste 350, Alexandria, VA 22314. See  our new space by checking out our Facebook album!
  • After you complete a site visit remember to delete and dispose of review materials from the visit (program files, emails, notes, etc.). Make sure all the files are truly deleted by clearing your “trash” bin.
  • Reimbursement forms and instructions can be found on the Team Members page of the website under “Resources for Team Members”
  • Sharefile has begun requiring two factor authetication. The next time you login in you will be prompted to provide a phone number in order to proceed with login. This is an added security feature to ensure the continued protection of all users data.

Your Expertise is Valued: Please Contribute to the Development of Training Resources for New and Existing Team Chairs

The CACREP Board of Directors recognizes and values the critical importance of the site teams in the accreditation process. They are committed to the development of training and support resources for the CACREP-approved site team members. To that end, the Board appointed an external group that is actively working to develop an asynchronous, on-demand training course as a resource for new and existing site team chairs.

A desired element of this training is to be able to share the voices, wisdom, and expertise of team chairs. We would like to be able to embed short video clips of team chairs talking about the importance they place and/or how they approach various aspects of a site visit and leading a site team.

If you are interested in contributing to this exciting and important project, please record short, 1-3 minute videos (ideally) of you talking about how you approach aspects of the visit.  Some sample topics are:

  • Your top 3-5 list of things to do and avoid for a successful visit
  • Representing CACREP as a team chair
  • What messages do you want to convey as a site team (verbal and nonverbal)? – 1st impressions and going forward
  • Recommendations + Rationale: Effective Communication with liaison (separately: before the visit, during the visit): Scheduling; Additional evidence needed by team in advance of and during visit
  • Recommendations + Rationale: Effective Communication with team (e.g., Safeguarding materials and maintaining confidentiality, Setting expectations for tone, approach, dress, communication, etc. during visit)
  • Recommendations: Coordination with team: Delegating, Managing, Supporting
  • Recommendations: Effectively Reviewing materials (e.g., how to approach self-study/addendum; how to use review letters)
  • Recommendations: Using technology to enhance review aspects
  • During the visit: Individual interviews vs. Group interviews
  • During the visit: What info is helpful from different individuals/groups
  • Structuring exit interviews
  • Communicating challenging findings
  • Team Report: Working with the team in preparing the report

The videos do not need to be perfect or need to capture a specific “right” answer, different chairs approach elements of the visit differently. We want to be able to present some of these differences and good practices so that others can find what fits with their personality as chairs. If a video of yours is selected for use, the training development committee will facilitate its editing (if needed – e.g., they want to use just a portion of it) and the joining of it with other videos on the same topic.

In order to participate in this project, all you need to do is record yourself, using your computer, talking about how you address a specific topic. Do not feel like you need to be limited to the topics above. Those are just some broad areas for consideration. You can choose to narrow in on a topic of your choosing. Please feel free to submit as many short videos as you like.

To submit videos, please upload the videos directly in the following CACREP Sharefile filedrop link. In order to send your files you will be asked to provide your personal contact details and on the second page you will need to select Jonathan from the Recipient drop down list.  The video can be AVI, WMV, or MP4 format. Please name the file with your last name and first initial, and the topic you discuss in the video.

If you cannot submit a video, please consider submitting an audio file in either WAV or MP3.

If you experience any difficulties uploading your files, please contact the CACREP office at 703-535-5990 or [email protected] and a staff member will assist you.

Please submit your videos by March 21, 2019.